Raw Material

Orthoxylene (OX) is the second largest of the three commercial isomers of xylene. Almost all OX output is consumed in the manufacture of phthalic anhydride (PA), which has three principal uses: phthalate plasticisers used in the compounding of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins; unsaturated polyesters resins (UPRs) used in glass-reinforced thermoset engineering applications; and alkyd resins used mainly for surface coatings.


Ortho-Xylene min. 98.5 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Para-Xylene max. 0.3 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Meta-Xylene max. 1.0 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Toluene +      
Ethylbenzene max. 0.05 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
C9-Aromatics max. 1.0 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Non-Aromatics max. 0.5 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Styrene max. 0.05 Wt% ASTM-D-3797
Colour max. 10 (Pt-Co) ASTM-D-1209
Acid Wash Colour max. Nr. 6   ASTM-848
Cumene Content max. 0.3 Wt%  
Density at 15°C 882-885 Kg/m³ ASTM-3505
Appearance clear as water   Visual
Residue after Evaporation   < 20 ppm (Gum Test)
Soluble Metal Compound   < 2 ppm  


Purity min. 99.7 % by wt
Density at 20°C   0.832-0.833 g/cm³
Acid Number max. 0.1 mg KOH/g
Saponification Number max. 0.3 mg KOH/g
Carbonyl Number max. 5.0  
Water Contents max. 0.05 % by wt
Boiling Analysis approx. 95 % by wt
Appearance Clear    

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