Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited

Human Resource
Nimir Chemical is a modern, progressive forward thinking and innovative company. We believe in providing our employees with a safe and pleasant environment where they are given plenty of opportunities to develop their skills, and grow professionally in their job.

Since Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited is a sophisticated Chemical Plant, we require our share of Chemical Engineers, Technicians, and other technical staff on the production side. We have our sights firmly focus on the future, therefore our Marketing, Finance, and other departments welcome the edition of bright young, diligent, qualified and talented individuals.

The company offers its employee’s generous Medical and Health facilities, Group Life Insurance, good Retirement Benefits, and Opportunities for Training and Career Development. We have very progressive and realistic systems for Staff Evaluation, and Performance Appraisal.

In case your are interested in applying for a position in the company, please send email to Any applications sent to any other address will not elicit a response.

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