Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited

“Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited is ISO accredited 9001: 2008 company for Quality Management Systems.”

Regular supply of international standard products is the basic policy of the company.


Every worker in the company, from top to bottom, strives hard to materialise  the company’s collective goals.

Management Policy 
  • Persuasion of untiring Research & Development. 
  • Accurate assessment of the ever changing customer exceptions.
  •  Designing and implementation of the policies for the meeting the customers’ expectations.
  • Adhering to the most efficient technologies.
  • Development and implementation of schemes for regular supply to customer.
  • After sales service management.
  • Staff education , training & skill improvement program.
  • Maintenance of high level of communication with the stakeholders.
  • Creation of international standard safety and health environment.
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