Maleic Anhydride (MA)

Maleic Anhydride (MA)
is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of fumaric and tartaric acid, certain agricultural chemicals, resins in numerous products, dye intermediates, and pharmaceuticals (HSDB, 1995). It is also used as a co-monomer for unsaturated polyester resins. It acts as an ingredient in bonding agents used to manufacture plywood, a corrosion inhibitor, and a preservative in oils and fats.

Principal Properties :White pelletes, Acidic and Choking odour, Partially soluble in Chloroform and Benzene.

Application : Used in manufacture of Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPR) Alkyd Resins, for Varnishes, Drying Oils, Agricultural Chemicals, Fumaric Acid ……..
It is also used in production of Polyester Resins and Co-polymers, Dye Intermediate.

Derivation :Air Oxidation of Ortho-Xylene, Benzene.

Solubility :Acetone, Alcohol, Water.


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