The company was established in 1989 in the name of Ravi Chemicals Ltd. State of the art plant (PA – I) was then imported from the world’s reputed technology company namely M/s Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie GmbH. Company envisaged the manufacturing of Phthalic Anhydride (PA) and Plasticizer  with initial  installed capacities of 13,500 MT and 15,000 MT respectively.

  • Having firm resolve to grow & develop of  in the region, M/s Hoechst AG, Germany joined the Ravi Chemicals Pakistan Limited in a joint venture and the company revised its name to HOECHST RAVI CHEMICALS LTD on August 07th, 1994.

    During the process of its continuous intensification in the region, the Hoechst AG, Germany transferred its shareholding, as a strategy, to one of its group company and also revised, on November 18th, 1997, its title from HOECHST RAVI CHEMICALS LTD to Celanese Pakistan Ltd.

    Celanese Pakistan Ltd., thereafter, tactically squeezing their chemicals operations in the region disposed their controlling shares to one of the world’s reckoned manufacturing group namely M/s  Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited (KCL), London who reworked, on August 2nd, 1999, the company’s name to NIMIR CHEMICALS PAKISTAN LTD.

  • Year 2002: company revamped PA-I  & enhanced its production capacity to 16, 000MT/ p.a
  • Year 2006: whilst consolidating its operations in the Pakistani market, the company enhanced its production capacity from 16,000 MT/p.a to 24,000 MT/p.a by installation of additional Phthalic Anhydride unit (PA-II)
  • Year 2011: M/s Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited (KCL), London disposed off their entire shareholding to present management.
  • Year 2014: Plasticizer Plant debottlenecking escorted to the enhancement of installed capacity to 22,400 MT/ P.a
  • Year 2016: PA Plant debottlenecking phase was efficaciously undertaken. move led to the enhancement of installed capacity to 30,000 MT/ P.a.
  • Year 2016: Thurst of diversification and to serve the customers’ needs, Alkyd Resin Plant was added.